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Model Casts are moving to methods in Laravel 11

Laravel 11 moves the Model Casts from a property to a method
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By Paul Redmond | Feb 01, 2024

The once() Memoization Helper is Coming to Laravel 11

The once() memoization is coming to Laravel 11 next week. Learn about this unique helper and how it can make sure you get the same result no matter ho…
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By Paul Redmond | Feb 02, 2024

Laravel 11 Introduces the Dumpable Trait

Laravel 11 introduces the Dumpable trait to internally clean up code around dump() and dd(). You can also easily add these to your application and pac…
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By Paul Redmond | Jan 30, 2024

Dive into the Streamlined Directory Structure in Laravel 11

Let’s compare the big changes between the directory structure in Laravel 10 and Laravel 11.
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By Paul Redmond | Feb 01, 2024

Eager Load Limit is Coming to Laravel 11

Laravel 11 will include native support for Jonas Staudenmeir’s popular eager-load-limit package. Learn now you can limit the number of eager loaded re…
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By Paul Redmond | Jan 30, 2024

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Display Desktop Notifications in PHP CLI Applications

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By Ashley Allen | Jan 30, 2024

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Is it time to ditch MySQL and PostgreSQL for SQLite?

SQLite is getting all the hype lately, but can it really compete with MySQL and PostgreSQL for production web applications?
By Nicolas Beauvais | Feb 03, 2024

The infamous Repository Pattern in PHP

The repository pattern is a data source abstraction that behaves like a collection; containing domain (value) objects. In this post we’ll be exploring what a repository is, and what it is
By Doeke Norg | Feb 01, 2024

Refreshing your Livewire components using event listeners

Let’s take a look at how we can refresh our component when events occur using the new #[On] attribute.
By Philo | Jan 31, 2024

Pest comes with Ray integration out of the box

Discover how Pest offers a Ray integration out of the box!
By Spatie | Jan 30, 2024

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Display Desktop Notifications in PHP CLI Applications

There may be times when you’re building a long-running script in PHP and you want to no…
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By ash-jc-allen | Jan 31, 2024

Compact Guide: How to sync Google calendar with Laravel

Concept of Synchronization
For proper synchronization of your resources is important to understand t…
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By dnsinyukov | Jan 29, 2024

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Composer scripts and Valet isolate

Something to be aware of
By Joel Clermont | Feb 02, 2024

Is it worth switching to another tool?

And how do you know when it’s the right time?
By Joel Clermont | Feb 01, 2024

Being explicit when something should not queue

A simple way to clearly communicate intent
By Joel Clermont | Jan 31, 2024

Absolute paths and the Vite asset helper

Want to laugh at me? It’s ok.
By Joel Clermont | Jan 30, 2024

Don’t become numb to pain in your project

You can make it better!
By Joel Clermont | Jan 29, 2024

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What’s New in Laravel 11: New Features and Latest Updates

<img src=”/upload/laravel-11-new-features.png” class=”post-img” alt=”Laravel 11 New Features”>
Today, in this tutorial I would like to share with you the new upcoming laravel 11 version features with …..
By Hardik Savani | Feb 03, 2024

How to Redirect www to non-www URLs in Laravel?

In this tutorial, i will show you how to redirect www to non-www urls in laravel application. i will share with you laravel redirect www to non www using htaccess, laravel redirect www to non www usin…..
By Hardik Savani | Feb 02, 2024

How to Convert JSON to Collection in Laravel?

In this post, i will show you how to convert json to collection in laravel. i will give you very simple controller code for laravel convert json to collection.

In this example, i will create simple c…..
By Hardik Savani | Feb 01, 2024

Laravel Create Seeder for First Admin User Example

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a seeder for the first admin user in laravel. we will use laravel seeder to create the first admin user in your web application.

In Laravel, you can us…..
By Hardik Savani | Jan 31, 2024

How to Create User from the Tinker Command in Laravel?

Now, let’s see an example of laravel create dummy users. I would like to share with you laravel factory faker user. you will learn laravel create user tinker. if you want to see an example of lar…..
By Hardik Savani | Jan 29, 2024

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How to Calculate the Average of a Column Using Eloquent

In this post we’ll create an application where users browse movies and their average rating. We’ll use withAvg to calculate it and a blade view to show results.
By Johan van den Broek | Feb 03, 2024


PHP version stats: January, 2024

By Brent | Jan 29, 2024

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GitHub patch release previous version

On Github you way from time to time need to patch release the previous version of a published releas…
By David Carr | Feb 02, 2024