Elevate Your Python: Harnessing the Power of Abstract Base Classes (ABCs)

Introduction One cool object-oriented programming (OOP) technique / pattern is enforcing consistent interfaces. In Python you can use Abstract Base Classes (ABCs) for that. 🐍 Using ABCs ensures that all subclasses implement the required methods. This can make it easier to maintain and extend the existing code base. Update Feb 2024: you can also leverage…
By Bob Belderbos | Jan 26, 2024

Exploring the Role of Static Methods in Python: A Functional Perspective

Introduction Python’s versatility in supporting different programming paradigms, including procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming, opens up a rich landscape for software design and development. Among these paradigms, the use of static methods in Python, particularly in an object-oriented context, has been a topic of debate. This article delves into the role and implications of static…
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By Bob Belderbos | Jan 24, 2024

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What Are Python Raw Strings?

In this tutorial, you'll learn the nuances of using raw string literals in your Python source code. Raw strings offer convenient syntax for including backslash characters in string literals without the complexity of escape sequences.
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By | Jan 24, 2024

When to Use a List Comprehension in Python

Python list comprehensions help you to create lists while performing sophisticated filtering, mapping, and conditional logic on their members. In this tutorial, you'll learn when to use a list comprehension in Python and how to create them effectively.
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By | Jan 22, 2024


Issue #613 – Packaging, Air-Gapped Systems, Logging in Flask, and More

By | Jan 23, 2024


Working with Static and Media Files in Django

How to work with static and media files in a Django project, locally and in production.
By Amal Shaji | Jan 28, 2024

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pre-commit: Block files based on name with a custom “fail” hook

pre-commit’s “fail” virtual language fails all files that it matches. Combine it with pre-commit’s file name and type matching to block unwanted files in your repository.
By Adam Johnson | Jan 24, 2024


When PyCharm Deletes Poetry Virtual Environments: The Fix

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By Tim Kamanin | Jan 25, 2024