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New String Helpers and ServeCommand Improvements in Laravel 11.14

The Laravel team released v11.13 mid-week last week and v11.14 this week. These releases add new string methods like chopStart() and chopEnd(), Common…
#News #Laravel Releases
By Paul Redmond | Jul 02, 2024

Build Custom Admin Panels With Backpack for Laravel

Backpack for Laravel is a collection of packages which allows you to create admin panels for any web app quickly. It provides a set of useful packages…
#Laravel Packages
By Cristian Tabacitu | Jul 03, 2024

Laravel Error Solutions on the Default Exception Page

The Laravel Error Solutions package by Spatie brings back solutions for the most common errors users face to the default Laravel error page.
#Laravel Packages
By Paul Redmond | Jul 05, 2024

Build Your SaaS App in Days with SaaSykit

SaaSykit is a feature-rich SaaS Starter Kit that provides all the essential components needed to run a modern SaaS app.
By Eric L. Barnes | Jul 03, 2024

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Spark Stripe: PayPal Support

We're happy to announce that Spark Stripe now supports PayPal for starting new subscriptions.
By Dries Vints | Jul 02, 2024

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A Guide to PHP Attributes

#PHP #Tips & Tricks #Web Development
By Ashley Allen | Jul 02, 2024

Lawman: Pest Architecture Testing for Saloon API Integrations

#Laravel #PHP #Tips & Tricks #Web Development
By Ashley Allen | Jul 03, 2024

Specify Allowed URL Schemes in Short URL

#Laravel #PHP #Tips & Tricks #Web Development
By Ashley Allen | Jul 03, 2024

The #[\Override] Attribute in PHP

#PHP #Tips & Tricks #Web Development
By Ashley Allen | Jul 05, 2024

#Freek Dev

Jujutsu: a next generation replacement for Git

Jujutsu (jj) is a new version control system from a software developer at Google with a focus on DX.
By | Jul 02, 2024

A package to display solutions on the Laravel error page

When Laravel switched to a simpler exception page, the ability to display solutions for an exception was lost.
By Freek Van der Herten | Jul 03, 2024

A Guide to PHP Attributes

Learn about what PHP attributes are and how to use them. We'll also look at how to create your own PHP attributes.
By Ash Allen | Jul 03, 2024

Using whereAny() for cleaner queries in Eloquent

In this episode of the Quick Win Wednesday series, we're taking a look at whereAny(), which was released with Laravel 10.47.
A very elegant way of grabbing data based on a conditional "any of the following columns".
By Bert De Swaef | Jul 04, 2024

Sending transactional emails using Mailcoach API in an Express.js application

By Spatie | Jul 05, 2024

#Laravel io

Lawman: Pest Architecture Testing for Saloon API Integrations

If you've been reading my content for a while, you'll likely know that I love building…
#API #Testing #Architecture
By ash-jc-allen | Jul 03, 2024

#Made with Laravel

FIlament Email – Email Log for Filament Projects

lets you log all outgoing emails in your Laravel project within your Filament panel. You can also resend emails with 1-click in case your recipient hasn't received your email."
By | Jul 03, 2024

Laravel Slower – Optimize Your DB Queries with AI

"Laravel Slower is a powerful package designed for Laravel developers who want to enhance the performance of their applications.

It intelligently identifies slow database queries and leverages AI to suggest optimal indexing strategies and other performance improvements. Whether you're debugging or routinely monitoring your application, Laravel Slower provides actionable insights to streamline database interactions."
#DevTools #Utility
By | Jul 03, 2024


JavaScript Frameworks vs Laravel – Which one's better?

The JavaScript ecosystem has seen attempts at creating a Laravel-like framework with Blitz for NextJS, Adonis for NodeJS, RedwoodJS, and others, but none have been truly successful. This article delves into the reasons behind this to help beginners n…
By Ramachandra Anirudh Vemulapalli | Jul 07, 2024

Introduction to Vue’s Composition API for a Newbie

I’m a newbie to Vue.js, and as I was learning about its amazing features, I thought I should share all of this on my blog. Vue.js is a great and impressive framework. Initially, I found it easier to learn than React.js because it has a predefined str…
By Gurpreet kumar | Jul 07, 2024

Introduction to Vue’s Composition API for a Newbie

I’m a newbie to Vue.js, and as I was learning about its amazing features, I thought I should share all of this on my blog. Vue.js is a great and impressive framework. Initially, I found it easier to learn than React.js because it has a predefined str…
By Gurpreet kumar | Jul 07, 2024

Let's create a DataCache layer for your Laravel apps

Hey guys,
We all know that Cache facade plays a good role across the Laravel application lifecycle, isn't it?
Cache simply boosts up the requests by retaining the computed data from file storage or memory (aka RAM) depending on our configuration.
By Seth Chen | Jul 07, 2024

Laravel Caching – Explained Simply

Caching is like keeping your favorite toy right on top of your toy box, so you can grab it quickly whenever you want to play.
Similarly, cache in Laravel stores data so your website can show it quickly without searching or querying all over again. Ju…
By Karan Datwani | Jul 06, 2024

Building laravel admin panel easily

As you all know as a backend developer, we have complications building admin panels (specially: UI)
I also get headaches and very much confusion while building admin panels, so I research and more research over the year how to resolve this.
I also…
By Ahtesham Abdul Aziz | Jul 06, 2024

Daily Hack #day95 – Tinkerwell

Tinkerwell is an innovative and powerful code runner designed specifically for PHP developers.
It provides an interactive environment where developers can run PHP code snippets, test APIs, and debug applications without having to modify their main co…
By Cloud Tuned | Jul 07, 2024

Top 10 Continuous Integration (CI) tools for Laravel Developers in 2024

In today's fast-paced development environment, ensuring consistent code quality and rapid deployment cycles is crucial for success. For Laravel developers, Continuous Integration (CI) tools offer a powerful solution to automate these processes and st…
By Liam Johnson | Jul 05, 2024

How to create custom Artisan commands in a Laravel 11 application

In this article, we'll be looking at how to create custom commands in a Laravel 11 application to perform customized or defined actions through the command line or scheduler.
A command is simply an instruction that is given the ability t…
By Alemoh Rapheal Baja | Jul 04, 2024

Handling Sessions & Cookies in PHP – Authentication

Handling sessions and cookies is a fundamental aspect of web development, especially when it comes to user authentication. PHP provides robust mechanisms for managing sessions and cookies, making it possible to maintain user state and se…
By Kartik Mehta | Jul 07, 2024

Livewire Notification System: A Complete Tutorial

In this article, we will create a notification system using Livewire. Notifications are crucial for informing users about key events in an application. By using Laravel for the backend and Livewire for dynamic and interactive front-end c…
By Tresor | Jul 03, 2024

Daily Security Affirmations to Strengthen Your Laravel Team

Ensuring robust security is paramount for any development team. For teams using the Laravel framework, the focus on security becomes even more critical. This is due to the widespread use and popularity of Laravel in creating web applicat…
By Hire Remote Developers | Jul 03, 2024

"Mastering Pionia: Build a Full-Featured Todo API in 20 Minutes"

For this specific article, I will save you from the backgrounds and inspirations of the framework. You can always find those in the official framework documentation here.
However, let's get to work and draft a simple API in less than 20 minutes.
The …
By jet2018 | Jul 06, 2024

10 things you should check before delivering a Laravel Project.

Environment Settings:

Ensure APP_ENV is set to production in .env.

Set APP_DEBUG to false.

API Tokens:

Verify that API keys and tokens are set to production values.

Ensure that sensitive keys are not exposed.


Confirm the live dat…
By Muhaimin Shihab | Jul 03, 2024

Guide to PHP Data Types

Today, we will explore the various data types in PHP. Understanding data types is fundamental to writing efficient and error-free code, as it allows you to work effectively with different kinds of data in your programs. Let's dive into the different …
By Saurabh Damale | Jul 06, 2024

Solving development challenges – Dynamic Breadcrumbs

As I start my journey with the HNG Internship), I'm excited to share a recent backend challenge I tackled.
A couple of months ago, around the start of 2024, I started learning Laravel and PHP despite the abundant Twitter memes (although I …
By Eise Olusegun | Jul 02, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Pionia Generic Services

Pionia framework is a PHP Rest framework that is changing how we used to develop Rest platforms. Unlike all the existing frameworks, it gives the entire process a whole new look, making the development of APIs much simpler and less boring. This is be…
By jet2018 | Jul 06, 2024

How to Overcome Complex Backend Challenges with Laravel

Recently, I worked on a project that required handling complex data relationships in Laravel. The application had multiple entities with intricate relationships, and the challenge was to efficiently query and manipulate this data while ensuring optim…
By Olaleye Nathaniel | Jul 01, 2024

PHP Variables and It's Scope

Today, we'll delve into the essentials of PHP variables, including their declaration, initialization, and scope. Understanding how to use variables effectively will allow you to store and manipulate data in your PHP scripts. Let's get started!
By Saurabh Damale | Jul 05, 2024

Sneak Peek: Tutorial on Successfully Installing PHP 8.4 on MacOS

According to official announcements, PHP 8.4 is set to be released on November 21, 2024. It will undergo testing through three alpha versions, three beta versions, and six release candidates.
This major update brings a host of optimizations and power…
By Fireworkkk | Jul 03, 2024

Easy Steps for Setting Up a PHP Development Environment

Setting up a development environment for PHP is essential for writing, running, and testing your code. This guide will help you set up everything you need on your local machine. We'll use XAMPP for this tutorial, as it's a popular and easy-to-use opt…
By Saurabh Damale | Jul 03, 2024

MongoDB Aggregation in PHP

In this unit, you'll learn how to perform basic aggregation with PHP by using MongoDB's aggregation framework. First, you'll learn what aggregation is and explore the components of an aggregation pipeline. Next, you'll learn how to build a p…
By David Nguyen | Jul 02, 2024

Demystifying Observability: OpenTelemetry in PHP and Understanding SLOs

As observed in the modern world there is competition in development of software and therefore the efficiency, effectiveness and usability of the applications being developed should be always considered. Observability which refers to the ability of ga…
By Stackify | Jul 02, 2024

#Mastering Laravel

Generating slugs in factories

Cleaner than it sounds…
By Joel Clermont | Jul 01, 2024

The benefits of writing an API spec

Not just for external users
By Joel Clermont | Jul 02, 2024

How to get started writing an API spec

Slow and steady without getting overwhelmed
By Joel Clermont | Jul 03, 2024

Slowly introducing static analysis without changing everything

It doesn't have to be all or nothing
By Joel Clermont | Jul 04, 2024

How to test an observer is wired up

If it isn't, then no other logic tests matter
By Joel Clermont | Jul 05, 2024

#Flare App

Handled exceptions

We now mark exceptions as handled when they don't crash your application.
#Flare news
By | Jul 05, 2024


Customize Filament Table Query

#php #laravel #filamentphp #tailwindcss
By Ariel Mejia | Jul 01, 2024

Learning a new language/framework

#beginners #codenewbie #learning #laravel
By Emmanuel (Emmo00) | Jul 01, 2024

Cronless queue:work in Laravel executed in background

#laravel #webdev #cron #php
By Adam Mateusz Brożyński | Jul 01, 2024

1550. Three Consecutive Odds

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jul 01, 2024

Creating a Better Router : Handling HIDDEN Inputs and DELETE request

#webdev #beginners #programming #php
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jul 01, 2024

Top 3 PHP Frameworks: Speed, Response Time, and Efficiency Compared

#php #laravel #symfony #codeigniter
By Arafat Hossain Ar | Jul 01, 2024

Stay Updated with PHP/Laravel: Weekly News Summary (24/06/2024 – 30/06/2024)

#php #laravel
By Poovarasu Sekar | Jul 02, 2024

Generating PDF documents in Laravel

#webdev #laravel #php #tutorial
By Alpha Olomi | Jul 03, 2024

Integrating Laravel with Popular Frontend Frameworks: A Developer's Guide

#laravel #frontend #frameworks #development
By Elisa Ray | Jul 02, 2024

350. Intersection of Two Arrays II

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jul 02, 2024

Laravel Filament: get resource table data by authenticated id

#laravel #filament #webdev #php
By JohnDivam | Jul 02, 2024

Service Container Bootstrap: Getting Started

#webdev #beginners #programming #php
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jul 02, 2024

Design Patterns in Laravel: Level Up Your Code with Reusable Solutions

#designpatterns #webdev #laravel #php
By Kareem Khaled | Jul 02, 2024

A Quick Guide to Creating Laravel Factories and Seeders

#php #laravel
By Mohcin Bounouara | Jul 02, 2024

Guide on Outsourcing Laravel Development Services in Canada 20

#laravel #development
By Harsh | Jul 02, 2024

Migrating data in production (with zero downtime)

#laravel #database #webdev
By Bjørn Lindholm | Jul 03, 2024

7 Open Source Projects You Should Know – PHP Edition ✔️

#opensource #github #php #webdev
By Domenico Tenace | Jul 03, 2024


#javascript #rails #laravel #react
By Shourav Chowdhury | Jul 04, 2024

How to Promote Your Self-Made Laravel Package

#webdev #laravel #php #programming
By Dawid Makowski | Jul 03, 2024

1509. Minimum Difference Between Largest and Smallest Value in Three Moves

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jul 03, 2024

How MySQL Tuning Can Dramatically Improve WordPress Performance

#mysql #wordpress #webdev #php
By Roman Agabekov | Jul 03, 2024

Editing and Updating Notes using PATCH Request Method

#webdev #beginners #programming #php
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jul 03, 2024

Building a Simple Blog with Flight – Part 1

#php #tutorial #blog #api
By n0nag0n | Jul 04, 2024

I just made an automatic translator for your language files into many languages using AI, such as Claude.

#laravel #php #ai #i18n
By Sangrak | Jul 04, 2024

Building a Simple Blog with Flight – Part 2

#php #tutorial #api #blog
By n0nag0n | Jul 04, 2024

Supercharge Your SaaS Development with Laravel SaaS Starter

#laravel #saas #development #webdev
By Martin Tonev | Jul 04, 2024

Project Management with Task Manager: An Open-Source Laravel Application

#laravel #php #startup #management
By Arafat Hossain Ar | Jul 04, 2024

Install New Laravel 11

#php #laravel #webdev #development
By Irfan Hardiyanto | Jul 04, 2024

Help Needed: Integrating Laravel with Next.js for University E-commerce Project

#webdev #learning #laravel #nextjs
By Tharushka Dinujaya | Jul 04, 2024

Adding Real-Time Chat to Laravel App with Reverb and Vue.js 3

#webdev #laravel #php #vue
By Aaron Reddix | Jul 04, 2024

Scramble 0.11.0 – Laravel API docs generator update: Laravel Data support, enforcing schema types, inference improvements

#laravel #api #openapi #documentation
By Roman | Jul 04, 2024

Session and User Registration in PHP

#webdev #beginners #programming #php
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jul 04, 2024

2181. Merge Nodes in Between Zeros

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jul 04, 2024

Exploring the Scope of Laravel Development Services and Hiring Laravel Experts

#laravel #php #website #api
By techpulzz | Jul 05, 2024

How to use NVM in Laravel Forge

#laravel #forge #nvm #ubuntu
By David | Jul 05, 2024

How to Validate Array Data in Laravel Using Request Classes

#laravel #validation
By David | Jul 05, 2024

Decorate the Symfony router to add a trailing slash to all URLs

#symfony #routing #php #webdev
By Chris Shennan | Jul 05, 2024

2058. Find the Minimum and Maximum Number of Nodes Between Critical Points

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jul 05, 2024

HydePHP Version v1.7 Released

#hydephp #php #opensource #news
By CodeWithCaen | Jul 05, 2024

How to Use ServBay's Built-in Composer for PHP Project Management

#php #webdev #programming #javascript
By ServBay | Jul 05, 2024

Creating a React component using Symfony UX

#react #symfony #ux #php
By Nacho Colomina Torregrosa | Jul 05, 2024

New in PHP 8! 𝐒𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐲 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐂𝐨𝐝𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐍𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐬𝐚𝐟𝐞 𝐎𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐫

#webdev #php
By Irpan Abdul Rahman | Jul 06, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Pionia Generic Services.

#pionia #php #webdev #api
By Tumusiime Ezra Jnr | Jul 06, 2024

Intro to Middleware

#webdev #beginners #programming #php
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jul 06, 2024

Symfony Station Communiqué — 5 July 2024: A look at Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Cybersec, and Fediverse News!

#symfony #drupal #php #fediverse
By Reuben Walker, Jr. | Jul 06, 2024

2582. Pass the Pillow

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jul 06, 2024

Laravel Caching – Explained Simply

#learning #laravel #development #caching
By Karan Datwani | Jul 06, 2024

Getting started with Pionia Framework

#webdev #pionia #restapi #php
By Tumusiime Ezra Jnr | Jul 07, 2024

Dockerize Laravel API Backend + React Frontend Application

#docker #laravel #react #vite
By Abdelkarim AIN | Jul 07, 2024

Life as a software developer

#productivity #laravel #webdev #programming
By Sydney Abuya | Jul 07, 2024

My Journey Through Laracasts: 30 Days to Learn Laravel

#laravel #webdev #beginners
By Hassan Shahzad Aheer | Jul 07, 2024

Drupal: Rimuovere un plugin fantasma dal database

#drupal #php #italian
By McAle | Jul 07, 2024

Symfony's Lyceum ? A look at SensioLabs University

#symfony #php #sensiolabs #twig
By Reuben Walker, Jr. | Jul 07, 2024

How to use eloquent when in laravel

#webdev #tutorial #php #laravel
By Rohit Urane | Jul 07, 2024

Aide mémoire Programmation Orientée Objet

#php #oop #uml #poo
By Abdelkarim AIN | Jul 07, 2024

1518. Water Bottles

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jul 07, 2024

Create a CRUD API with Laravel

#laravel #crud
By StackPuz | Jul 02, 2024

#IT Solution Stuff

Laravel 11 Socialite Login with Slack Account Example

In this article, I will show you laravel 11 login with slack account using socialite composer package. we can use with laravel ui, laravel jetstream and laravel breaze for login with slack account.

By Hardik Savani | Jul 03, 2024

Laravel 11 Apexcharts using Larapex Charts Example

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create dynamic apexcharts using larapex charts package in laravel 11 application.

ApexCharts is a JavaScript library used for creating beautiful and interacti…..
By Hardik Savani | Jul 05, 2024


Leaving Twitter

By Brent | Jul 01, 2024

A vocal minority

By Brent | Jul 03, 2024