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The June 2024 Laravel Worldwide Meetup is Today

The next Laravel Worldwide Meetup is today, featuring Katerina Trajchevska and Felipe Flor. The meetup begins live on YouTube at 16:00 UTC.
By Paul Redmond | Jun 24, 2024

Artisan `make` Commands Automatically Chop `.php` Extension in Laravel 11.12

This week, the Laravel team released v11.12, which includes a multiply collection method, automatically chopping the .php extension in make:* commands…
#News #Laravel Releases
By Paul Redmond | Jun 25, 2024

Behind the Code: A Discussion with Backend Experts including Taylor Otwell

Hear experts chat through the latest trends, technologies, and what’s next for backend development
By Eric L. Barnes | Jun 25, 2024

Build Tables Based on Eloquent Models with Inertia Table

Inertia Table is the ultimate table for Inertia.js that makes is super easy to build tables based on your Eloquent models. Pass a model and let Inerti…
#Laravel Packages #Inertiajs
By Paul Redmond | Jun 27, 2024

Adding Real Time Chat to Laravel Using Reverb & Vue

Learn to add real time chat to your Laravel apps using Reverb & Vue 3
#Laravel Tutorials
By Harish Kumar | Jun 27, 2024

Auth Screens for Your Laravel Apps

DevDojo Auth is a free, open-source project that provides you with customizable authentication pages for your Laravel app.
By Tony Lea | Jun 30, 2024

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From Contributor to Maintainer: Lessons from Open Source Software

Lessons learned from contributing to open source software projects.
By Patrick | Jun 24, 2024

Lessons from Open Source Software

This post is a response/reaction to "From Contributor to Maintainer: Lessons from Open Source Software" by Patrick Organ.
By Tom Witkowski | Jun 25, 2024

Building Laravel Error Share

Here's how our latest package works under the hood.
By | Jun 26, 2024

Mastering Programming

Some great insights by Kent Beck
By | Jun 26, 2024

WeakMaps, a hidden gem in PHP

By Spatie | Jun 27, 2024

Use HTMX to Create Laravel Single-Page Apps Without Writing JavaScript

Single Page Apps… without writing any JavaScript? Let’s do it! Learn how to unlock the power of HTMX in your Laravel applications in our newest blog article from @nicodevs.
By Jamison Valenta | Jun 28, 2024

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SuperWP – WordPress Cloud Backups, Restores & Update Management Tool

"SuperWP empowers you to manage multiple WordPress sites from one simple dashboard with ease, all without installing a plugin. Perform daily remote backups, core & plugin updates and one-click restores.

SuperWP was built with Laravel, Inertia and Vue."
#DevTools #App
By | Jun 24, 2024

Multiplex – Attach Time-sliced Metadata to Eloquent Models

"Multiplex allows you to attach time-sliced metadata to Eloquent models in a convenient way.

Metadata is saved in versions: Schedule changes to metadata, change history or retrieve metadata for a specific point in time.

Supports fluent syntax: Use your model’s metadata as if they were properties.

Polymorphic relationship allows adding metadata to any Eloquent model without worrying about the database schema.

Easy to try: Extend existing database columns of your model with versionable metadata without touching or deleting your original columns.

Type conversion system heavily based on
allows data of numerous different scalar and object types to be stored and retrieved.

The main difference to other metadata packages is that the metadata in Multiplex has a timestamp that defines validity. This allows changes to be tracked and planned. You can inspect all metadata on your model at a specific point in time and Multiplex will by default only give you the most current.

Since Multiplex is storing the metadata in a polymorphic table, it can easily be plugged into existing projects to expand properties of your models. This even works without removing the relevant table columns of your model: They are used as a fallback."
#Eloquent #Utility
By | Jun 24, 2024

Laravel Top – Real-Time Command Line Monitoring

"Top provides a lightweight solution for real-time monitoring directly from the command line for Laravel applications. It is designed for production environments, enabling you to effortlessly track essential metrics and identify the busiest routes. 

Top listens to Laravel events and saves aggregated data to Redis behind the scenes to calculate metrics. The aggregated data is stored with a short TTL, ensuring that historical data is not retained and preventing Redis from becoming overloaded. During display, metrics are calculated based on the average of the last 5 seconds of data.

Top only listens to events from incoming requests, so metrics from operations performed via queues or commands are not reflected.

Since the data is stored in Redis, the output of the top command reflects data from all application servers, not just the server where you run the command."
By | Jun 28, 2024

Tomato Admin – App Boilerplate

"TomatoPhp is a cutting-edge framework designed to revolutionize the way you build web applications.

It is built with PHP and utilizes the power of Laravel as its main backbone. In addition, we have integrated the awesome package Splade.dev, which brings even more versatility and enhancements to your development experience.

With TomatoPhp, you can experience accelerated development, as we have combined the most repetitive tasks into a comprehensive package that makes application generation a breeze. Not only that, but you can also customize your workflow and CRUD with ease, thanks to our dozens of ready-made add-ons and the integration of Splade.dev.

Get ready to say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming tasks of web development, and hello to a new era of efficiency and customization. Our framework is your secret weapon to build the next generation of web applications with ease. Don't wait any longer, download TomatoPhp now and start your journey to effortless web development today!"
By | Jun 28, 2024


Eventlar va Event Job larni Laravelda testlash

Ilovangiz uchun testlar yozish — bu kodingiz kutilganidek ishlashini ta’minlashning muhim qismi. Ammo, Laravel’da hodisalar va hodisa vazifalarini test qilish haqida gap ketganda, ishlar biroz qiyinlashishi mumkin. Ushbu blogda biz Laravel’da hodisal…
By Nuriddin Rashidov | Jun 30, 2024

Implementing User Suspension in Your Laravel Application

This guide will walk through implementing user suspension in a Laravel application. This functionality allows you to temporarily or permanently suspend users and notify them accordingly.
Step 1: Add Suspension Columns to the Users Table
First, we nee…
By Raziul Islam | Jun 30, 2024

Building a Rate Limiting System for API Requests in Laravel using Redis

As a backend developer, one of the key duties is to ensure the stability and security of your application. This can often be challenging, especially when dealing with problems like spam or abuse of your API endpoints. Recently, I encount…
By Olayinka Adeyemi | Jun 29, 2024

Laravel Pulse Crashes with Large SQL Queries

If you’re in the Laravel Ecosystem, You’ve probably heard of Laravel Pulse by now.

Pulse delivers at-a-glance insights into your application’s performance and usage. Track down bottlenecks like slow jobs and endpoints, find your most active users, a…
By Mahdi Hazaveh | Jun 29, 2024

Builder Pattern in laravel

Imagine you're building a Lego house. It can get tricky if you have a ton of pieces and steps to follow. The Builder Pattern is like a special instruction sheet that helps you build things piece by piece, nice and easy.
Why use the Builder Pattern?

By Khaled Rahman | Jun 28, 2024

Level Up Your APIs with Laravel and GraphQL: A Developer's Guide

Hey there, coding enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the world of APIs, specifically how to take them to the next level with the dynamic duo of Laravel and GraphQL. Buckle up, because we're about to explore how to build efficient, flexible APIs th…
By Asis Sharma | Jun 27, 2024

Level Up Your Laravel App: Database Performance Optimization Tips

Hey Laravel developers! We all know the importance of a blazing-fast application. A smooth user experience hinges on efficient database interaction. Today, we'll dive into the exciting world of Laravel database performance optimization!
We'll explore…
By Asis Sharma | Jun 27, 2024

Database Indexing – Why it's matter?

Database indexing is crucial in Laravel application development for several reasons:

Performance Improvement:

Faster Query Execution: Indexes allow the database to find and retrieve specific rows much faster than it could without them. This signifi…
By Saiful Alam | Jun 27, 2024

Restructuring a Laravel Project with Inertia.js, TypeScript, and React: A Case Study

In modern web development, creating a seamless and efficient workflow for handling web requests is crucial for both developers and users. Recently, I undertook a significant restructuring of a Laravel project that integrates Inertia.js, TypeScript, a…
By Qisthi Ramadhani | Jun 27, 2024

MongoDB CRUD Operations in PHP

In this unit, you'll learn how to perform CRUD operations by using PHP. First, you'll learn how BSON documents are represented in PHP. Next, you'll learn how to insert, query and retrieve, update, and delete documents in a PHP application. F…
By David Nguyen | Jun 30, 2024

Understanding PHP Generators

PHP generators provide a powerful and efficient way to handle iteration without the need to create and store the entire dataset in memory. This feature is particularly useful when working with large data sets or streams of data.
What is a Generator?

By Tshering lama | Jun 30, 2024

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If you're in a loop you may implode

It's actually better than it sounds
By Joel Clermont | Jun 24, 2024

Making third-party validation look like your own

A good user experience also may be easier to code
By Joel Clermont | Jun 25, 2024

Why I rarely use Laravel mailables anymore

My use of outgoing emails is still strong as ever, though.
By Joel Clermont | Jun 26, 2024

sprintf is the single most valuable tool that you probably aren't using

It is a string-formatting beast!
By Joel Clermont | Jun 27, 2024

Automatically generate label from enum name

What happens when you need more than name and value?
By Joel Clermont | Jun 28, 2024


Small Forms Bundle

#php #symfony #showdev
By sebk69 | Jun 24, 2024

Just Started My Internship Journey at High 6!

#webdev #programming #vue #laravel
By Harley Gotardo | Jun 24, 2024

Draw Charts in Laravel Using Alpine.js and Chart.js

#laravel #php #alpine #chartjs
By Yoram Kornatzky | Jun 24, 2024

How to make policy in laravel?

#webdev #laravel #tutorial #php
By Rohit Urane | Jun 24, 2024

Code to an interface!

#php #designpatterns #solidprinciples
By Oussama Mater | Jun 24, 2024

How to create a new note using form and request methods in PHP?

#webdev #beginners #programming #php
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jun 24, 2024

Introducing Laravel Usage Limiter Package: Track and restrict usage limits for users or accounts.

#php #laravel #opensource #webdev
By nabil hassen | Jun 24, 2024

Stay Updated with PHP/Laravel: Weekly News Summary (17/06/2024–23/06/2024)

#php #laravel
By Poovarasu Sekar | Jun 24, 2024

995. Minimum Number of K Consecutive Bit Flips

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jun 24, 2024

Auto-Magic: Automate Your Laravel API Docs with G4T Swagger!

#laravel #documentation #swagger #webdev
By HusseinAlaa | Jun 24, 2024

Validating JSON with JSON Schema and PHP

#php #json #validation #tutorial
By Roberto B. | Jun 25, 2024

Introducing LaraTUI: A Terminal UI for Laravel Environments

#laravel #php #tui
By Mateusz Cholewka | Jun 25, 2024

Laravel RAG System in 4 Steps!

#laravel #llm #ollama #rag
By Alfred Nutile | Jun 25, 2024

PHP HyperF + MariaDB -> Async / Parallel

#php #hyperf #mariadb #async
By Thiago Silva | Jun 25, 2024

What I learned from the Ecommerce Website I built using Vue, PHP and MYSQL(school project)

#webdev #vue #php #beginners
By Marlo Badinas | Jun 25, 2024

Exploring Advanced Techniques in Laravel Collections: Harnessing the Potential of after() and before()

#laravelcollections #laravel #after #before
By Asfia Aiman | Jun 25, 2024

Five Must-Have Programming Tools That Will Make You Love Coding and Reduce Overtime

#webdev #php #programming #ai
By Luna Miller | Jun 25, 2024

How to Avoid Adding New Code that Uses Deprecated Code?

#php #ci #development
By Henrik Gemal | Jun 25, 2024

Laravel RAG System in 4 Steps!

#laravel #llm #ollama #rag
By Alfred Nutile | Jun 25, 2024

Escaping untrusted input and form validation.

#webdev #beginners #programming #php
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jun 25, 2024

1038. Binary Search Tree to Greater Sum Tree

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jun 25, 2024

Serving different routes depending the port webserver serves my applciation in laravel.

#howto #laravel #php
By Dimitrios Desyllas | Jun 25, 2024

Deploy Laravel application using Vercel

#laravel #php #vercel #womenintech
By Snehal Rajeev Moon | Jun 25, 2024

Artisan – The Command-Line Interface Included with Laravel

#laravel #webdev #programming #learning
By N3rdNERD | Jun 26, 2024

Eloquent – Laravel’s ORM for Seamless Database Interactions

#laravel #webdev #programming #framework
By N3rdNERD | Jun 26, 2024

How to create a flexible Dev Environment with Vagrant and Docker

#devops #productivity #docker #laravel
By Rolf Streefkerk | Jun 25, 2024

5 Best Practices for Responsive Web Design

#webdev #devops #design #php
By Joy Winter | Jun 26, 2024

How we're trying to make our PHP devs efficient also with Golang

#go #webdev #php #opensource
By Jonathan VUILLEMIN | Jun 26, 2024

How to extract a simple validator class in PHP?

#webdev #beginners #php #learning
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jun 26, 2024

Generating deterministic UUIDs from arbitrary strings with Symfony

#symfony #php #uid #uuid
By Javier Eguiluz | Jun 26, 2024

Tips and Tools for Software Development Engineers (SDEs)

#laravel #webdev #javascript #programming
By himanshu maheshwari | Jun 26, 2024

Filament: add a confirmation password field in a form

#laravel #filament #php #webdev
By JohnDivam | Jun 26, 2024

1382. Balance a Binary Search Tree

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jun 26, 2024

Concurrency and Parallelism in PHP

#php #concurrency #parallelism #thread
By francesco agati | Jun 26, 2024

How to Use ServBay to Create and Run a CakePHP Project

#php #webdev #beginners #programming
By ServBay | Jun 26, 2024

Using PHP Attributes to Create and Use a Custom Validator in Symfony

#symfony #php #attributes #validation
By Chris Shennan | Jun 26, 2024

Laravel Eager Loading – Loading Relationships Efficiently with Eloquent

#php #database #laravel #webdev
By N3rdNERD | Jun 27, 2024

Laravel Timestamps – Automatic Handling of Created and Updated Dates

#laravel #webdev #beginners #programming
By N3rdNERD | Jun 27, 2024

Laravel Task Scheduling – Scheduling Artisan Commands

#laravel #artisan #beginners #schedule
By N3rdNERD | Jun 27, 2024

Laravel Mix – Asset Compilation Simplified

#laravel #beginners #assets #webdev
By N3rdNERD | Jun 27, 2024

Laravel Telescope – Insightful Debugging and Profiling

#laravel #debugging #profiling #beginners
By N3rdNERD | Jun 27, 2024

Opinionated: How to safely insert multiple records to more than one table in Laravel

#laravel #php #database
By Adetola | Jun 27, 2024

Stripe Coupons, Promotional Codes, and Discounts, along with examples

#stripe #javascript #opensource #php
By Manoj Gohel | Jun 27, 2024

I took the bull by it's horns. Spoiler: I didn't die

#backend #laravel
By Adedaramola Adetimehin | Jun 27, 2024

PHP Version of console.log() for Laravel

#laravel #opensource #php #github
By ScaleUp SaaS | Jun 28, 2024

Configuração do logging.php em Projetos Laravel

#laravel #php
By Fernando Muller Junior | Jun 28, 2024

1791. Find Center of Star Graph

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jun 27, 2024

PHP HyperF -> Overlapping and Concurrency

#php #hyperf #overlapping #concurrency
By Thiago Silva | Jun 28, 2024

Dockerize a Laravel 11 app

#docker #laravel #php #nginx
By Frank Alvarez | Jun 28, 2024

Tutorial Laravel 11 Auth con Bootstrap

#laravel #php #webdev #backend
By Juan Carlos Nahuat | Jun 28, 2024

Solving a Challenging Backend Problem with PHP

#hng #php #internship #backend
By Kefas Kingsley | Jun 28, 2024

What is namespace in PHP and it's use?

#webdev #beginners #programming #php
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jun 28, 2024

PHP: The Backbone of Web Development

#webdev #php #beginners #programming
By Mark | Jun 28, 2024

Step-by-Step Guide to Scraping JavaScript-Rich Websites in Laravel with PuPHPeteer

#puphpeteer #scraping #laravel #php
By Asfia Aiman | Jun 28, 2024

Accessing Azure storage with a shared key in php

#php #azure
By Claudio Fior | Jun 28, 2024

2285. Maximum Total Importance of Roads

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jun 28, 2024

How to Use Laravel for Event Management System Development?

#laravel #eventsystem #eventmanagementsystem #eventplatformdevelopment
By Rakeeb | Jun 29, 2024

Creating your own security attribute with Symfony

#php #symfony #attribute #security
By Nacho Colomina Torregrosa | Jun 29, 2024

Implementing API Throttling in My PHP Project

#php #api #memcached #throttling
By Tayo O. | Jun 29, 2024

Laravel Artisan Command: Truncate Table and All Related Tables

#laravel #webdev #programming #beginners
By Rafa Rafael | Jun 29, 2024

OOP Concepts: What's Your Biggest Challenge?

#php #oop #coding #webdev
By Max Zhuk | Jun 29, 2024

Unleashing the Power of PHP: Modern Techniques and Best Practices for Web Development

#php #webdev
By Cache Merrill | Jun 29, 2024

2192. All Ancestors of a Node in a Directed Acyclic Graph

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jun 30, 2024

Handling multiple request in a controller action: a note management

#webdev #beginners #programming #php
By Ghulam Mujtaba | Jun 29, 2024

Conquering Daunting Tasks: My Growth as a Backend Developer Through the HNG Internship

#beginners #introduction #php #laravel
By Abdulmujeeb Abdulrahman | Jun 30, 2024

Symfony Station Communiqué – 28 June 2024: A look at Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Cybersec, and Fediverse News!

#symfony #drupal #php #fediverse
By Reuben Walker, Jr. | Jun 30, 2024

Symfony Station Communiqué – 28 June 2024: A look at Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Cybersec, and Fediverse News!

#symfony #drupal #php #fediverse
By Reuben Walker, Jr. | Jun 30, 2024

Implementing User Suspension in Your Laravel Application

#laravel #php #eloquent
By Raziul Islam | Jun 30, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Laravel: A PHP Framework for Modern Web Applications

#webdev #laravel #php #beginners
By Arafat Hossain Ar | Jun 30, 2024

PHP in the Age of AI: Don't Overlook This Web Powerhouse for Your Next Smart Project

#ai #php #webdev #softwareengineering
By Kareem Khaled | Jun 30, 2024

Luhn's Algorithm: Credit Card Validation

#programming #laravel #algorithms
By Olaleye Obidiya | Jun 30, 2024

Moonlight Architecture – The Old-New

#php #pionia #webdev #restapi
By Tumusiime Ezra Jnr | Jun 30, 2024

Use XDebug for PHP Project Debugging

#php #webdev #beginners #programming
By ServBay | Jun 30, 2024

Variable & Variable Scope in PHP

#webdev #php #learning #beginners
By Gunawan Efendi | Jun 30, 2024

1579. Remove Max Number of Edges to Keep Graph Fully Traversable

#php #leetcode #algorithms #programming
By MD ARIFUL HAQUE | Jun 30, 2024

Change Default Colors in FilamentPHP

#php #laravel #filament #tailwindcss
By Ariel Mejia | Jun 30, 2024

#Ahmad Rosid

How Laravel Facades work?

By Ahmad Rosid | Jun 27, 2024

#IT Solution Stuff

Laravel 11 Socialite Login with Github Account Example

In this article, we will learn laravel 11 login with github account using socialite composer package. we can use with laravel ui, laravel jetstream and laravel breaze for login with github account.

By Hardik Savani | Jun 25, 2024

Laravel 11 Socialite Login with Gitlab Account Example

In this tutorial, we will learn laravel 11 login with gitlab account using socialite composer package. we can use with laravel ui, laravel jetstream and laravel breaze for login with gitlab account.

By Hardik Savani | Jun 27, 2024

Laravel 11 Socialite Login with Facebook Account Example

In this article, i will show you laravel 11 login with facebook account using socialite composer package. we can use with laravel ui, laravel jetstream and laravel breaze for login with facebook accou…..
By Hardik Savani | Jun 28, 2024

Laravel 11 Real-Time Notifications using Pusher Example

In this article, I will show you how to send real-time notifications with Pusher in the laravel 11 application. we will use a pusher driver to send real-time notifications using the echo server in the…..
By Hardik Savani | Jun 29, 2024