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BNF Notation: Dive Deeper Into Python's Grammar

In this tutorial, you'll learn about Backus–Naur form notation (BNF), which is typically used for defining the grammar of programming languages. Python uses a variation of BNF, and here, you'll learn how to read it to get a better understanding of some language constructs.
#python #advanced
By | Feb 14, 2024

Primer on Python Decorators

In this tutorial, you'll look at what Python decorators are and how you define and use them. Decorators can make your code more readable and reusable. Come take a look at how decorators work under the hood and practice writing your own decorators.
#intermediate #python
By | Feb 12, 2024

#Python Insider

Python 3.13.0 alpha 4 is now available

By Thomas Wouters | Feb 16, 2024


Issue #616 – Data Analysis, Lukasz Langa, Polars, and More

By | Feb 13, 2024


Docker Best Practices for Python Developers

Several best practices to make your Dockerfiles and images cleaner, leaner, and more secure.
By Amal Shaji | Feb 12, 2024

#Django Stars

Getting Started with Mobile Geolocation Testing

#Python & Django #API #Testing
By Vladislav Treshcheyko | Feb 14, 2024

#Photon Designer

Django app killer – Query in for-loop 🌪️

Avoid killing your Django app's performance by putting a database query in a for-loop
By Photon Designer | Feb 13, 2024

#Adam Johnson – Blogs

Shell commands to paste from the clipboard

The clipboard is an easy way to transfer data into the command line from other tools. Use your system’s “paste from clipboard” command to pipe data into other commands for processing.
By Adam Johnson | Feb 13, 2024

#406 – Matthias

Weeknotes (2024 week 07)

Weeknotes (2024 week 07)This is a short weeknotes entry which mainly contains a large list of releases. The reason for the large list is that I haven’t published a weeknotes entry in weeks.

form-designer 0.23: Only small changes, main…
By Matthias Kestenholz | Feb 16, 2024


It has finally happened. The open source version of CKEditor 4 does not contain fixes for known problems, see the CKEditor 4.24.0 LTS announcement.
I totally get why the CKEditor developers did this and can only thank them for all the…
By Matthias Kestenholz | Feb 14, 2024