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Once upon a pixelated time, I stepped into the labyrinth of ones and zeros. My quiver held not arrows, but technologies—each a spell in my incantation book.

Django, the venerable architect, entrusted me with its blueprints. Together, we raised citadels of dynamic web pages, fortified by the wisdom of Python. Its templating magic wove user interfaces like silken tapestries, while its ORM whispered secrets of databases. FastAPI, the swift-footed messenger, danced atop endpoints. With swagger in its step, it carried payloads of JSON, XML, and dreams. Authentication tokens fluttered like feathers, granting passage to the chosen few. TDD (Test-Driven Development), my vigilant guardian, donned armor of unit tests. Before code could breathe, it faced trials—assertions and mocks, like knights jousting in the arena of logic. Only the purest code survived.

Web Scraping, my digital archaeology, unearthed treasures from the vast expanse of cyberspace. Like a data druid, I navigated HTML thickets, plucking news articles, stock prices, and clandestine recipes. The web bowed to my XPath wand. Scripting, my trusty wand, whispered incantations to mundane tasks. Python scripts pirouetted, automating file transfers, data transformations, and midnight backups. The mundane became magical. Multi-Threading/Processing/Asyncio, my orchestra of parallelism, played symphonies of efficiency. Threads pirouetted, processes waltzed, and the CPU applauded. In this concurrency ballet, bottlenecks vanished like morning mist.

Data Analytics, my crystal ball, gazed into spreadsheets and databases. Rows whispered secrets, columns held trends, and scatter plots mapped constellations of insight. I was the stargazer, decoding celestial patterns. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), the alchemical triad, transmuted raw data into gold. I wielded pandas and SQL like philosopher’s stones. Extracting from the abyss, transforming with alacrity, and loading warehouses with insights.

And so, my portfolio bloomed—a constellation of projects, each a star in my digital galaxy. From e-commerce engines to sentiment analyzers, I wove them with lines of code, stitched with curiosity, and debugged with determination.

In this saga of syntax and semicolons, I am the bard, singing tales of algorithms and midnight commits. The keyboard, my lyre; the terminal, my oracle. And the code? It hums, waiting for the next chapter.


Chronicles of Code Adventures

  • Taxi Management like Ola/Uber
  • E-commerce
  • Online Ordering System like Swiggy
  • Serverless PHP R&D
  • Learning Management System
  • POS & Inventory Management System
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Hospital Management System
  • Project Management System
  • Ticketing System
  • Incident Management System
  • Directory Listing

Work Highlights and Competencies

Deployed OSRM on a Linux server & reduced Google Maps costs by 30% (30,000 USD)
Started Test Driven Development in Projects
Created Open Source Packages
Utilised AWS Lambda Serverless for complex computations
Project based Design Patterns
Third Party Integrations including Payment Gateways, SMS, Mail, Push Notifications, Google API Integration, Socket, APMs, etc,..
Handled Multiple Projects
Performed Standup Meetings & Scrums
Had daily & weekly reviews to manage deliverables in Sprints and Milestones.
Performance Optimisations
Application daily server logs monitoring
Debugged the last minute conflicts and efficiently approached it with failsafe.


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