Other Expertise

Other Expertise

Other Expertise

Payment Gateways
SMS | Mail Integration
Push Notification | Socket
Test Driven Development (TDD)
MySQL | PostgreSQL | DynamoDB

Technical Prowess Portfolio

In the dynamic realm of technology, I specialize in seamlessly weaving the intricate threads of Payment Gateway Integration, turning transactions into a frictionless dance between users and digital commerce. My expertise extends to the orchestration of SMS, Mail, and Push Notifications, a symphony of communication that keeps users engaged and informed. Venturing into the virtual landscape, I navigate the intricacies of Google API Integration, harmonizing web applications with the vast capabilities of Google’s ecosystem. With a keen focus on real-time interactions, I delve into the world of Sockets, creating connections that pulse with responsiveness and efficiency.

In the realm of database management, I am well-versed in the art of crafting structured and efficient data repositories. From the robust reliability of MySQL and PostgreSQL to the nimble agility of DynamoDB, I sculpt data landscapes that empower applications to thrive. Adding a touch of speed and accessibility, I harness the power of Redis, breathing life into caching strategies that elevate performance to new heights. As a practitioner of Application Performance Monitoring (APM), I delve into the heart of applications, deciphering performance nuances to ensure a seamless user experience.

In summary, my technological prowess extends across a spectrum of tools and platforms, where each element plays a crucial role in crafting digital experiences that are not just functional but truly exceptional.

Key Expertise

DB - MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
Payment Gateway Integration
SMS/Mail/Push Notifications
Google API Integration
Socket Setup
Application Monitoring Tools(APM)
SMS/Mail/Push Notifications
Cache - Redis, Memcache
OSRM Server Setup & Integrations
Incident Management System
AI Integrations


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