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Build a Python Turtle Game: Space Invaders Clone

In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll use Python's turtle module to write a Space Invaders clone. You'll learn about techniques used in animations and games, and consolidate your knowledge of key Python topics.
#basics #python
By | Mar 20, 2024

Model-View-Controller (MVC) in Python Web Apps: Explained With Lego

This tutorial conceptually explains the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern in Python web apps using Lego bricks. Finally understand this important architecture to streamline your web development process.
#intermediate #web-dev
By | Mar 18, 2024

#Django Project – Weblog

Welcome our new Fellow – Sarah Boyce

By Chaim Kirby | Mar 22, 2024

#Python Insider

Python 3.10.14, 3.9.19, and 3.8.19 is now available

By Łukasz Langa | Mar 20, 2024


Issue #621 – Seaborn, Pointers, Memory, and More

By | Mar 19, 2024

#Django Stars

Testing Your Django App With Pytest

#Python & Django #Testing
By Serhii Bolilyi | Mar 22, 2024

Testing Requirements: How to Get Good Ones and How to Deal With Bad Ones

#Python & Django #Testing
By Alyona Pysarenko | Mar 21, 2024

#Adam Johnson – Blogs

Django: Write-up on optimizing the system check framework

Django’s system check framework provides fantastic protection for configuration mishaps. It’s like a targeted linter that runs when you start Django commands. It takes advantage of runtime setup to inspect the true state rather than infer it from the source.
By Adam Johnson | Mar 23, 2024

Django: Fuss-free use of Homebrew GDAL/GEOS libraries on macOS

GeoDjango requires the GDAL and GEOS spatial libraries. On macOS, you can use Homebrew to install these, but they won’t be picked up by default since they live in a non-default library directory, /opt/homebrew/lib. Django will fail to start with an exception:
By Adam Johnson | Mar 20, 2024

#Honey Badger

Building command-line applications in Python

Dive into a comprehensive guide on implementing command-line applications in Python. This tutorial uses the
#python #cli
By Aditya Raj | Mar 19, 2024

#406 – Matthias

blacknoise – ASGI app for static file serving

blacknoise – ASGI app for static file serving
This blog post consists of the blacknoise
README at the time of publishing.

blacknoise is an ASGI app for static
file serving inspired by whitenoise
and following the principles of low maintenance
By Matthias Kestenholz | Mar 20, 2024

Podcasts I like listening to

Podcasts I like listening toI discovered listening to podcasts about one year ago. Previously, I never knew
why anyone would want to listen to people talk when they could listen to music
or nothing, but that has changed a bit.
So, here’s a list…
By Matthias Kestenholz | Mar 18, 2024

#Python Software Foundation

Announcing a PyPI Support Specialist

By Deb Nicholson | Mar 21, 2024

#Data School

Jupyter & IPython terminology explained 💡

Are you trying to understand the differences between Jupyter Notebook, JupyterLab, IPython, Colab, and related terms? You're in the right place!
By Kevin Markham | Mar 18, 2024

#Daniel Roy Greenfeld Blogs

Keynote at PyCon Lithuania 2024

My keynote and the first return to the homeland of Lithuania in over 100 years.
By Daniel Roy Greenfeld | Mar 22, 2024