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Python range(): Represent Numerical Ranges

Master the Python range() function and learn how it works under the hood. You most commonly use ranges in loops. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to iterate over ranges but also identify when there are better alternatives.
#basics #python
By | Jan 10, 2024

Learn From 2023's Most Popular Python Tutorials and Courses

Revisit your favorite Real Python tutorials and video courses from 2023. Explore various topics, from Python basics to web development, machine learning, and effective coding environments. It's been a busy year of learning, and there's something for everyone to discover and build upon in 2024.
By | Jan 08, 2024

#Django Project – Weblog

DSF membership now recognizes a much broader range of contributions to Django

By Jacob Kaplan-Moss | Jan 10, 2024

DSF Board 2024 Elections – New board members 👋

By Thibaud Colas | Jan 08, 2024


Issue #611 – Time, Markov Chains, Top Libraries, and More

By | Jan 09, 2024


Postgres vs. DynamoDB: Which Database to Choose

Compares and contrasts Postgres and DynamoDB, describing how to use them and what the differences are, to help you decide which one to choose.
#Architecture #AWS
By Jan Giacomelli | Jan 12, 2024

Django vs. Flask in 2024: Which Framework to Choose

In this article, we'll look at the best use cases for Django and Flask along with what makes them unique, from an educational and development standpoint.
#Django #Flask
By Michael Herman | Jan 10, 2024

What is Werkzeug?

Learn what Werkzeug is and how Flask uses it for its core HTTP functionality.
By Patrick Kennedy | Jan 09, 2024

#Photon Designer

Use English to query your Django data 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Let non-technical users use English to get answers from your Django data (with OpenAI's Assistant API)
By Photon Designer | Jan 11, 2024

#Python Software Foundation

EU’s Cyber Resilience Act Passes with Wins for Open Source

By Deb Nicholson | Jan 12, 2024


Django Views as Serverless Functions on Fly Machines

In my last post, we ran custom Django commands as serverless functions by defining a new process to run within a Machine. This article continues our series transforming our Django views into serverless functions by defining a service.

But first, let
By Kátia Nakamura | Jan 10, 2024