A Better Place to Put Your Python Virtual Environments

Virtual environments are vital if you’re developing Python apps or just writing some Python scripts. They allow you to isolate different app requirements to prevent conflicts and keep your global OS environment clean. This is super important for many reasons. The most obvious one is requirements isolation. Let’s say that you’re working on two different…
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By Ahmed Lemine | Mar 07, 2024

Build a route planner for maps using Python

In this article I use the metric system, where 1 meter = 3.28 feet. I also talk about highways. Here I use the definition in British English, where highway refers to any path with a public right of access. We are all familiar with the existence of route planners like google maps or OpenStreetMaps (OSM),…
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By Judith Vockenroth | Mar 07, 2024

Case Study: GitHub Copilot and the deceiving ladder

Can GitHub Copilot be used to solve mathematical puzzles? What to be aware of when AI assistants are too confident.
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By Michael Aydinbas | Mar 07, 2024

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Build an LLM RAG Chatbot With LangChain

Large language models (LLMs) have taken the world by storm, demonstrating unprecedented capabilities in natural language tasks. In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll leverage LLMs to build your own retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) chatbot using synthetic data with LangChain and Neo4j.
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By | Mar 06, 2024

Python's __all__: Packages, Modules, and Wildcard Imports

In this tutorial, you'll learn about wildcard imports and the __all__ variable in Python. With __all__, you can prepare your packages and modules for wildcard imports, which are a quick way to import everything.
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By | Mar 04, 2024

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Django security releases issued: 5.0.3, 4.2.11, and 3.2.25

By Mariusz Felisiak | Mar 04, 2024


Issue #619 – Duck Typing, IPython Jupyter Magic, Monkey Patching, and More

By | Mar 05, 2024


OAuth2 in Python

This article first provides an overview of Oauth2 concepts and then looks at how to implement OAuth2 with OAuthLib.
By Merilyn Chesler | Mar 08, 2024

Adding Social Authentication to Flask

Add social auth to a Flask app.
By Amal Shaji | Mar 07, 2024

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Python Rule Engine: Logic Automation & Examples

#Python & Django
By Oleksandr Zaiets | Mar 05, 2024

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Get started with conda environments 🤝

Discover the benefits of virtual environments and learn the six conda commands you need to know to get started!
By Kevin Markham | Mar 06, 2024