Python F-String Codes I Use Every Day

A few examples that will save the day probably* 95% of time. *I don’t have the actual data but seriously, I bet you’ll find those tips useful more often than not! Introduction This article was originally posted on Medium. I use f-strings every day. The irony is I also every day end up searching the Web to…
By Pawel Jastrzebski | Apr 05, 2024

#Real Python

Install and Execute Python Applications Using pipx

In this tutorial, you'll learn about a tool called pipx, which lets you conveniently install and run Python packages as standalone command-line applications in isolated environments. In a way, pipx turns the Python Package Index (PyPI) into an app marketplace for Python programmers.
#intermediate #tools
By | Apr 03, 2024

#Django Project – Weblog

Django bugfix release issued: 5.0.4

By Natalia Bidart | Apr 03, 2024


Issue #623 – WAV Files, Reflex, Autopilot, and More

By | Apr 02, 2024


Faster CI Builds with Docker Layer Caching and BuildKit

Speed up your Docker-based builds on CircleCI, GitLab CI, and GitHub Actions with Docker Layer Caching and BuildKit.
#DevOps #Docker
By Michael Herman | Apr 02, 2024

#Django Stars

Open-Source vs. SaaS in Python Development

#Python & Django #Backend #Web Development
By Alex Ryabtsev | Apr 04, 2024

7 Top Apps Made With Python

#Python & Django #Backend #Web Development
By Julia Korsun | Apr 06, 2024

#Photon Designer

Stream AI chats using Django in 5 minutes (OpenAI and Anthropic) 💧

Simply use server-sent events with Django (no extra packages needed) to stream LLM completions. Avoid waiting for the full completion.
By Photon Designer | Apr 07, 2024

Use Postgres as a simple task queue for Django 🐘

Simply run background tasks using Postgres and python. This has some big advantages.
By Photon Designer | Apr 01, 2024

7 simple examples using Django GeneratedField ⚡️

Do calculations with your database in a neat and extremely fast way
By Photon Designer | Apr 04, 2024

The simplest way to add server sent events to Django 🏺

Add server sent events to your Django app with Daphne (and minimal code).
By Photon Designer | Apr 07, 2024

#Adam Johnson – Blogs

Boost Your Git DX update out now

I have just released an update to my book Boost Your Git DX, six months after its initial release. This update adds some extra content and has a bunch of edits based on reader feedback. The PDF is now ten pages longer, for a total of 363.
By Adam Johnson | Apr 04, 2024

#406 – Matthias

Weeknotes (2024 week 14)

Weeknotes (2024 week 14)I’m having a bit of a slow week with the easter weekend and a wisdom tooth
extraction. I’m recovering quite quickly it seems and I’m glad about it.
This weeknotes entry is short and quick. I’m trying to…
By Matthias Kestenholz | Apr 06, 2024

#Python Software Foundation

New Open Initiative for Cybersecurity Standards

By Marie Nordin | Apr 02, 2024