#Real Python

Python's Magic Methods: Leverage Their Power in Your Classes

In this tutorial, you'll learn what magic methods are in Python, how they work, and how to use them in your custom classes to support powerful features in your object-oriented code.
#python #advanced
By | Jan 03, 2024

Python's Array: Working With Numeric Data Efficiently

In this tutorial, you'll dive deep into working with numeric arrays in Python, an efficient tool for handling binary data. Along the way, you'll explore low-level data types exposed by the array module, emulate custom types, and even pass a Python array to C for high-performance processing.
#data-structures #intermediate
By | Jan 01, 2024

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Unlock Early Savings: Early Bird Tickets for DjangoCon Europe 2024 Now Available!

By The DjangoCon Europe 2024 Organizing Team | Jan 04, 2024

Django bugfix releases issued: 4.2.9 and 5.0.1

By Mariusz Felisiak | Jan 02, 2024

DjangoCon Europe 2024 CFP Now Open

By The DjangoCon Europe 2024 Organizing Team | Jan 01, 2024


Issue #610 – Flask, Python JIT, Discoveries in 2023, and More

By | Jan 02, 2024


How Are Requests Processed in Flask?

Learn how requests are processed in Flask.
By Patrick Kennedy | Jan 04, 2024

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PostgreSQL: Full text search with the “websearch” syntax

PostgreSQL’s powerful full text search feature supports several query syntaxes. Of these, a website search feature should typically pick the websearch syntax. websearch copies some features from popular search engines, as covered below, offering familiar short syntax to users. It is also forgiving and will never raise a syntax error for user input, whilst other syntaxes can.
By Adam Johnson | Jan 03, 2024

#406 – Matthias

Weeknotes (2024 week 01)

Weeknotes (2024 week 01)First weeknotes post for 2024! Happy new year!
Looking back on 2023
I have published almost 40 posts last year. That’s almost as many posts as I published in the time period from 2014 to 2023. Coworking to write …
By Matthias Kestenholz | Jan 03, 2024


Staging environments on the Fly with GitHub actions

Creating staging environments for testing changes to our apps can be a challenge. This
article shows how to use GitHub actions to smoothly create a separate staging
environment for each pull request using the
action, which will cre
By Mariusz Felisiak | Jan 04, 2024

#Data School

What are conda, Anaconda, and Miniconda? 🐍

What is the Anaconda distribution and why do people use it? How is it related to conda & Miniconda? As a Data Scientist, which should I use?
By Kevin Markham | Jan 07, 2024

#Daniel Roy Greenfeld Blogs

Recap of 2023 and Resolutions for 2024

Another year in orbit around a star.
By Daniel Roy Greenfeld | Jan 07, 2024