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Create Beautiful Charts in Filament With the Apex Charts Plugin

Learn how to easily create beautiful charts in your Filament applications with the Apex Charts plugin for Filament by Leandro Costa Ferreira.
#Laravel Packages #Filament
By Paul Redmond | Jan 19, 2024

Laravel 10.41 – Conditional Job Chains, a Number::spell() Threshold, Configurable model:prune Path, and More

This week, the Laravel team released v10.41 with conditional job chain dispatching, a threshold parameter for Number::spell(), a customizable model pa…
#News #Laravel Releases
By Paul Redmond | Jan 18, 2024

Laravel Scout Adds Typesense, A Lightening-fast Open-source Search

Laravel Scout recently added a driver for Typesense, a lightening-fast open-source search engine. Typesense offers self-hosted versions, making it ide…
By Paul Redmond | Jan 17, 2024

Save the date: Laracon US is coming to Dallas TX Aug 27-28, 2024

Laracon is back for 2024. The flagship Laravel event of the year and the largest PHP conference in the United States is heading to Deep Ellum, Dallas…
By Eric L. Barnes | Jan 16, 2024

DevDB – Access your database right inside VS Code!

DevDb is a lightweight VS Code extension that provides a database GUI client and displays the data and schema details directly in the editor.
#Laravel Packages #Vscode
By Paul Redmond | Jan 16, 2024

Laracon EU Amsterdam 2024

Join us for two fantastic days with some of the most iconic figures in the Laravel community, as well as networking opportunities.
By Caneco | Jan 15, 2024

Stateful Scaling: Laravel Session Management in Kubernetes Clusters

Learn some of the gotchas in Laravel session management you’ll experience as you move to a Kubernetes deployment
By Sarah Morgan | Jan 17, 2024

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Spark 5.0 Now Available

We’re happy to announce the immediate availablity of [Spark 5.0](https://spark.laravel.com) for both Paddle and Stripe.

Spark Paddle 5.0 introduces support…
By Dries Vints | Jan 15, 2024

#Freek Dev

Hosting Laravel application statically

In this article we will be going over how to I used laravel-export to deploy the very blog you’re reading right now; to Cloudflare Pages, Netlify and Vercel.
By Boyd Bloemsma | Jan 19, 2024

Running Laravel in a subdirectory (Tricky Nginx config)

We see how to configure Nginx to run Laravel in a subdirectory. The configuration is tricky, here’s an explanation of it!
By Chris Fidao | Jan 18, 2024

FrankenPHP and Laravel Octane with Docker

I’ll show you how to run Laravel Octane with the new FrankenPHP support inside a Docker container to serve your Laravel application.
By Chris White | Jan 17, 2024

A mini package to calculate public holidays in a country

We released a mini package called
By Freek Van der Herten | Jan 17, 2024

Creating beautiful invoices using Tailwind and Laravel PDF

Last week, we released a new package called
By Freek Van der Herten | Jan 16, 2024

Nuxt: Superpowers for your Vue 3 application

Nico shares the incredible suite of conveniences Nuxt JS brings to Vue3 applications, from auto-imports to out-of-the-box server side rendering & more!
By Jamison Valenta | Jan 16, 2024

Exploring the new Laravel 11 middleware configuration

A lot is changing in Laravel 11, including setting up middleware. This post explores how to do it and a lingering question I have after learning about it.
By Grant | Jan 15, 2024

#Laravel io

Reusable Input Components without Livewire, with Livewire

Having reusable input components is great. Knowing how to make them is even better! Follow along to…
#Blade #Laravel #Views
By johannes-werbrouck | Jan 16, 2024

#Benjamin Crozat

Master Laravel’s maintenance mode

The maintenance mode is like putting a “Be right back!” sign on your website. Learn how to get it going.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

The ultimate guide to Laravel’s new Number helper

Working with numbers in your web applications just got a whole lot easier! Discover what’s possible using Laravel’s new Number helper.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Is HTML a programming language?

HTML is not a programming language. But you can only make sense of this fact if you understand the logic behind it.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

PHP 8.3’s Override attribute in a nutshell

Discover a neat new addition to PHP 8.3 that will help express your intent: the Override attribute.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Core web vitals aren’t that important for Google

Discover why obsessing over core web vitals isn’t helping your Google optimizations.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

The best Black Friday and Cyber Week deals for web developers (2023)

Find the best Black Friday and Cyber Week deals on awesome tools for web developers.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Efficient data filtering with whereIn() in Laravel

Explore using Laravel’s whereIn() method to filter database queries efficiently.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Laravel Pulse: monitor your apps for free

Discover Laravel Pulse, a free, open-source package offering real-time app monitoring, usage statistics, queue monitoring, and more.
#Laravel #Packages
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Get started with laravel/ui; kickstart your project.

Let me show you how to leverage the laravel/ui package to scaffold authentication features on top of your favorite frontend framework.
#Laravel #Packages
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Bring order back to your PHP arrays using array_values()

Discover how array_values() in PHP can help you re-do what has been undone.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Understanding array_filter() in PHP

See how PHP allows you to filter unwanted values in arrays in a simple and concise way.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Learn how to sort any kind of array in PHP

Let me walk you through some of the most useful functions in PHP that will enable you to sort any kind of array.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

The essentials of explode() in PHP

Learn the ins and outs of PHP’s explode() function for splitting strings into arrays.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Master OpenAI’s new Text-to-speech API

Add super realistic voices with ease to your applications, thanks to OpenAI’s Text-to-speech API.
#Artificial Intelligence
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

How to access and use GPT-4 Turbo’s API, step by step

Get started with GPT-4 Turbo’s API in no time thanks to my handy step-by-step guide.
#Artificial Intelligence #GPT
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

How to use GPT-3.5 Turbo’s API, step by step

Get started with GPT-3.5 Turbo’s API in no time thanks to my handy step-by-step guide.
#Artificial Intelligence #GPT
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Making sense of PHP’s array_map() function

PHP’s array_map() is an extremely useful function that will help you write better code. Let me demystify it for you.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

An early look at PHP 9.0’s new features and changes

PHP 9.0 is still far in the future. We don’t know a lot, but we have a few breaking changes planned for it.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

This is where your php.ini file is

Discover the location of your php.ini file using two simple methods: the phpinfo() function or the command line.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

Style an HTML dialog’s backdrop with Tailwind CSS

Discover how to style an HTML dialog’s backdrop using Tailwind CSS.
#CSS #Tailwind CSS
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

How does Laravel work? A crystal clear explanation.

Discover my step by step and simple explanation of how Laravel makes your life easier.
By Benjamin Crozat | Jan 17, 2024

#Mastering Laravel

Running HTTP requests right inside your editor

I promise I’m not getting paid by JetBrains
By Joel Clermont | Jan 19, 2024

How we use seeders in our application

And why we rarely use them for testing
By Joel Clermont | Jan 18, 2024

Another nice feature for local pull request review

It’s even nicer than GitHub’s UI
By Joel Clermont | Jan 17, 2024

Eager loading, but only if you really need to

Since we want to reduce the number of queries
By Joel Clermont | Jan 16, 2024

Route binding with two different models

While still leveraging the framework
By Joel Clermont | Jan 15, 2024

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How to Get Time Difference in Hours and Minutes in PHP?

Hey Dev,
Now, let’s see post of php get time difference in hours and minutes. In this article, we will implement a php datetime difference in hours. step by step explain how to calculate hours differe…..
By Hardik Savani | Jan 15, 2024

How to Generate Invoice PDF in Laravel?

Hello Guys,
In this tutorial, I will show you laravel invoice pdf template. We will use laravel generate invoice pdf. you can understand a concept of how to generate invoice pdf in laravel using dompd…..
By Hardik Savani | Jan 20, 2024

Laravel JQuery Show Hide Div with Radio Button Example

Hi Friends,
This article goes in detailed on laravel jquery radio button hide show div. I explained simply about laravel jquery show hide div with radio button. Here you will learn show hide div with …..
By Hardik Savani | Jan 16, 2024

#Lara Coding

Using @switch + @case for conditional formatting in Blade

This post will guide you through creating an app that uses @switch @case @default. We’ll create a model, migration, controller, view, route and factory+seeder.
By Johan van den Broek | Jan 20, 2024

How to Order By Relationship Count Using Laravel Eloquent

This post shows how to build an app that orders posts by their number of comments. We’ll add models, relations, testdata and a page that shows the sorted posts.
By Johan van den Broek | Jan 20, 2024

Seeding After Migrating in Laravel: Two Methods Compared

Seeding right after migrating is commonly used to fill tables with initial data. In this guide we’ll learn 2 ways to seed a table with project statuses.
By Johan van den Broek | Jan 20, 2024

#DC Blog

The podcasts I listen to as a PHP developer

The following are the podcasts I listen to. In no particular order. (That have episodes recently)
By David Carr | Jan 19, 2024

Creating Flexible Layouts in Laravel with Yields, Includes and Slots

In Laravel, the @yield directive is used in blade templates to define a section…
#Laravel Framework
By David Carr | Jan 18, 2024

Enhancing Laravel Applications with Traits: A Step-by-Step Guide

Traits are a mechanism for code reuse. Traits allow you to create methods that can be used in multip…
By David Carr | Jan 17, 2024