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Laravel Live Denmark: A Two-Day Event in Copenhagen, Denmark on August 22-23, 2024

Laravel Live Denmark is a two-day Laravel conference that will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on August 22-23, 2024.
By Paul Redmond | Jan 12, 2024

Use this Filament starter template on your next TALL project

The filament starter app is a beautiful starting point to quickly bootstrap your next TALL stack application. It comes with a Filament admin panel out…
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By Paul Redmond | Jan 11, 2024

Laravel 10.40 – With a Number Clamp Method, an APA-Style Helper, Vite Asset Path Customization, and More

The Laravel team released v10.40 with a Number clamp method, an APA-style title case string helper, Vite asset path customization, and more.
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By Paul Redmond | Jan 10, 2024

Bagisto Announces a New Open-Source Mobile App for Merchants

Run your own mobile app for your store with Bagisto
By Eric L. Barnes | Jan 09, 2024

Filament: What to Expect in 2024

2023 was an incredible year for Filament, but we aren’t done yet! The Filament team has spent the last few months planning for this year, so check out…
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By Alex Six | Jan 09, 2024

Easily Manage Temporary Files in Laravel

Learn how Spatie’s temporary-files PHP package makes working with temporary file paths a breeze in Laravel and other PHP projects.
#Laravel Packages
By Paul Redmond | Jan 09, 2024

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How to Check If a Laravel Collection Is Empty

#Laravel #PHP #Tips & Tricks #Web Development
By Ashley Allen | Jan 08, 2024

How to Check If an Array Is Empty in PHP

#PHP #Tips & Tricks #Web Development
By Ashley Allen | Jan 08, 2024

How to Check If an Array Is Empty in JavaScript

#JavaScript #Tips & Tricks #Web Development
By Ashley Allen | Jan 08, 2024

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Laravel Under The Hood – Facades

LLaravel offers an elegant method-calling feature called Facades. At first glance, they resemble static methods, but well, they are not! What kind of magic is Laravel doing?
By Oussama Mater | Jan 12, 2024

My interview questions when hiring a front-end / back-end / whatever developer at Spatie

I just read this nice blog post that contains a few tips on how to interview a Laravel developer. When hiring someone at Spatie, I usually tend to get a feel if a candidate is passionate about our field of work. I ask questions like: Who are the people you feel you can learn from? What blogs are you…
By Freek Van der Herten | Jan 10, 2024

Streamlining API Responses in Laravel with DTOs

A comprehensive guide for creating custom Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) to enhance readability, efficiency, and testability in Laravel API integrations.
By Sean Kegel | Jan 10, 2024

Flare ❤️ GitLab

An introduction to the Flare GitLab integration!
By Spatie | Jan 10, 2024

Building Maintainable PHP Applications: Over-engineering vs under-engineering

Everyone talks about over-engineering but people rarely talk about under-engineering. Learn about the differences and how they depend on the context you are in.
By Davor Minchorov | Jan 09, 2024

How we built our GitLab integration

A few days ago, we added a GitLab integration. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the road to that integration and our struggles.
By Spatie | Jan 09, 2024

Introducing tabular assertions

My colleague Seb made a cool package to write complex expectations in a readable way.
By | Jan 08, 2024

Laravel Pulse cards to show response times, scheduled jobs, broken links

Today, we released the
By | Jan 08, 2024


PHP 8.3: New Features, Deprecations, and More

Disclaimer: This is a guest blog submitted by Kane As the PHP project adheres to its annual tradition of…
By Inshal Ali | Jan 09, 2024

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Stop using $request->get()

There is a better way
By Joel Clermont | Jan 12, 2024

Don’t reinvent features that Laravel already has

For example, soft deletes
By Joel Clermont | Jan 11, 2024

Vite Hot Module Replacement and setInterval

And a workaround if you really need one
By Joel Clermont | Jan 10, 2024

What is the difference between boot and register in service providers

Where do I put this code?
By Joel Clermont | Jan 09, 2024

Even GitHub comments have version control

And it occasionally helps you win arguments
By Joel Clermont | Jan 08, 2024

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How to Install PHP DOM Extension in Ubuntu 22.04?

<img src=”/upload/ubuntu-php-dom-extension.png” class=”post-img”>
This tutorial is focused on how to install php dom extension in ubuntu. you can see ubuntu php install php ext-dom extension. W…..
#PHP Ubuntu
By Hardik Savani | Jan 10, 2024

How to Install PHP Soap Extension in Ubuntu 22.04?

<img src=”/upload/ubuntu-php-soap-extension.png” class=”post-img”>
Hey Artisan,
This detailed guide will cover how to install php soap extension in ubuntu. I would like to share with you ubuntu php in…..
#PHP Ubuntu
By Hardik Savani | Jan 10, 2024

How to Install PHP JSON Extension in Ubuntu 22.04?

<img src=”/upload/ubuntu-php-json-extension.png” class=”post-img”>
Hello Artisan,
This is a short guide on how to install php json extension in ubuntu. This example will help you ubuntu php install ph…..
#PHP Ubuntu
By Hardik Savani | Jan 09, 2024

How to Send WhatsApp Messages in Laravel 10?

<img src=”/upload/laravel-10-send-whatsapp-message.png” class=”post-img”>
Hey Folks,
This article will provide some of the most important example laravel whatsapp api integration. Here you will learn …..
By Hardik Savani | Jan 13, 2024

How to Install PHP PDO MySQL Extension in Ubuntu 22.04?

<img src=”/upload/ubuntu-php-pdo-mysql-extension.png” class=”post-img”>
Hello Developer,
This definitive guide, we will show you how to install php pdo_mysql extension in ubuntu. you’ll learn php pdo …..
#PHP Ubuntu
By Hardik Savani | Jan 08, 2024

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Laravel ApiResouce name nested route placeholder

When using an ApiResource that has more than one placeholder it may seem tricky to figure out how to…
#Laravel Framework
By David Carr | Jan 11, 2024